Organic Products and Services

It is our mission at Nora's Style Salon to care for our clients as we desire to be cared for ourselves. The services offered are customized to fit the needs of each individual customer, for this reason at Nora's Style salon we provides organic hair services and products.

Better for personal health

Normal shampoos contain harsh chemicals. Every single product that you apply to your skin or coat your hair with is absorbed into your body. As much as 60% of everything that you put on your skin gets absorbed into your body, good or bad, this chemical-laden residue is processed by the body. Having these types of harmful chemicals in our bodies can lead to the development of cancer and other serious illnesses.

Better for hair health

Whatever product you use on your hair will have an effect on the health of your hair. This is not only true in the short term, but also in the long term as well. Though the newest non organic hair product may produce shine or curl in the short term, regular use usually causes long term damage. Organic hair products avoid harsh chemicals than can damage your hair, gradually nourishing your hair to its healthiest state. That healthy hair look comes from actual healthy hair. If you are curious as to which ingredients you should try to avoid when selecting organic shampoos and conditioners, the following list contains ingredients that dry out your scalp, irritate oil glands, and/or corrode hair follicles: Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate, Derivatives of Lauryl Alcohol, Mureth Sulfate, Propylene Glycol (Antifreeze), and Olefin Sulfonate (Deodorized Kerosene).

Better for environment

It's a basic fact that the more you process and alter a substance, the more energy you waste and pollution you produce. This is one of the big benefits of organic hair care products. Because the ingredients forgo chemical processing and use natural ingredients, they simply create less damage to the environment. When you use organic shampoos and conditioners, you're also helping your environment by letting bio-degradable substances go down the drain and not harsh chemicals.

Organic Products

  • KeraGreen by LBD

  • SuryaBrazil

  • Surface

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Our products are – non toxic, formaldehyde free, rich with organic and natural ingredients.

KeraGreen Keratin and Protein Hair System controls frizzy, unmanageable hair and restores strength to weakened follicles all while preventing further hair loss. Our exclusive formula of natural and organic active components of essential amino acids, proteins, minerals, and citric acid extracts, will moisturize, repair, rejuvenate and strengthen your hair.